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Environmentally friendly Skis, Handcrafted in Chamonix

We use renewable, recyclable materials wherever we can. Using natural materials such as oak and flax to replace synthetic materials whenever possible. Bonding our skis with Bio resin. Our skis are built last, with thicker bases and edges for longevity. When it comes to performance uncompromising. Each pair Idris skis delivers an exceptional skiing experience, whether you're carving up the piste or laying fresh tracks in powder.

Renard / CARVING / 116-71-100: A pure piste ski for laying beautiful arcs in the snow. Strong edge grip for powerful turns at speed. Light and nimble on steep slopes and moguls. 155,165, 175 cm

Chamois / ALL MOUNTAIN / 120-88-112: A true all mountain ski at home carving turns on the piste, ploughing through deep powder or making trails deep in the backcountry. 155,165, 175 cm

Lynx / FREERIDE / 136-98-120: A multi-talented freeride ski. A long rockerd tip gives float in the powder and crust without catching or hooking. A generous sidecut and traditional camber gives effortless turning on piste. A medium flex and mildly rockerd tail allows smearing of turns and side slipping through tight corners a breeze. 155, 165, 175, 185 cm

Bouquetin / BIG MOUNTAIN / 130-100-119: Big Mountain freeride ski. A traditional sidecut enables this ski to carve on the hardpack and hold a solid edge in hard conditions. A wide platform and rockerd tip provides flotation in the powder and power when the conditions get tough in heavier snow. 160, 170, 180, 190 cm

Kamoshika / FAT FREERIDE / 150-125-130: An unashamedly fat powder ski. With a large rockerd tip and a huge platform, this is a ski for those deep powder days. Flat running surface provides ease of turning and sliding when you want and edge hold when you need it in steep terrain. 170, 180, 190 cm

Idris Skis, Better performing skis, better for the environment.